Fractional Investment

What Can You Buy via Fractional Ownership / Co-ownership?

If you are wondering what you can buy via fractional ownership or co-ownership, this guide can help. Here is what you need to know about purchasing options in fractional ownership.

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A Guide to Shared Ownership Second Homes

Shared ownership second homes are a savvy way to own another property. We break down how it works and the benefits to consider here.

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Cape Cod Homes for Sale Under $300,000 - A Direct Comparison with Co-Ownership

Are you looking for ways to afford a multi-million dollar vacation home in Cape Cod? Here are the benefits of paying $300,000 through co-ownership.

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Why Timeshares and Fractional Ownerships Fail in Today's Market

When purchasing a second home, you have plenty of options—some more reliable than others. Here's the main issue with timeshares and fractional ownerships today.

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Fractional Real Estate: Vacation Ownership Your Way

Fractional real estate was born out of necessity as developers who were building luxury vacation homes at some of the country’s largest ski destinations were running out of slope-side space to build. With most of the existing homes sitting vacant for most of the year, the concept of shared ownership became an almost obvious choice.

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