Elevating luxury living: Lifestyle Asset Group highlighted in Forbes, framed by upscale apartments.

Lifestyle Asset Group Featured in Forbes

Lifestyle Asset Group (LAG) was honored to recently be featured in an article published by Forbes highlighting LAG’s innovative ownership model and investment structure. The article breaks down the Collective Asset Ownership model, how LAG creates true investment partnerships, and the numerous benefits that LLC owners can enjoy both financially and personally.

Check out this brief excerpt from the article:

“Here’s another option to owning a luxury vacation home that makes sense. Invest cash in a luxury property through a Limited Liability Company (LLC) structure with five or six other partners. Then use it for 4-8 weeks annually or more depending on the size of your investment. An exit strategy is in place to sell the property in around eight years, which is typically how long a vacation home is held. The upside--you get a more luxurious property than you probably would buy on your own at a lower cost. Forget about the downtime inherent in sole ownership when you’re not using the home yet are paying for it. Sounds like fractional ownership or timeshare model, but it’s not.

Lifestyle Asset Group, based in Fort Collins, Colorado has been doing this since 2013. This investment is sold as a Regulation D, Rule 506 security to accredited investors, as defined by the SEC.

Equity ownership shares are offered in top-shelf luxury vacation homes around the country (including Hawaii and the Caribbean.) Richard Keith, a co-founder, describes ownership in one of the LLC’s as ‘Warren Buffett meets Jimmy Buffett.’

Karla Jones, a co-founder, explains. ‘After significant research within the industry, we created a whole new approach that involves an exclusive group of owners who collectively acquire a vacation residence of immense quality and originality, all with a credible way to get a positive return on your investment.’”

Read the full article on Forbes.com: A Luxury Vacation Ownership Option That Makes Sense

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