Stable Investment

How Lifestyle Asset Group Improves Upon the Fractional Real Estate Model

In a Ragatz and Associates Annual Report, which analyzes data on the Fractional and Private Residence Club sectors, there are a number of data points that are startling. In particular: Annual fractional real estate sales in North America (consisting of the US, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean) over the 14 year period from 2006 through...

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Stable Assets In Unstable Times

As the stock market tumbles and fears of the Coronavirus are on the rise looking at stable real estate assets in these unstable times makes good sense. With increasing stock market volatility and the panic selling that is impacting portfolios from Wall Street to Main Street, one of the best ways to invest in real...

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Two New Luxury Partnership Offerings in St. John, USVI

(Fort Collins, Colorado—September 2019) Lifestyle Asset Group a rapidly growing industry innovator and successful example of a smart luxury second home ownership option continues its growth in the St. John, USVI luxury market. Lifestyle Asset Group offers a smart solution for sellers, buyers, and brokers with its real estate partnership offerings. Lifestyle Asset Group creates...

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Minimal Investment, Life-Changing Returns

This year is prime time to invest in a luxury vacation home, according to top luxury real estate experts. Here’s what they’re saying and three reasons why shared ownership is your best option for investing in a luxury second home. Ellen Paris’s recent Forbes article, 2019 May Be The Time To Buy A Luxury Vacation...

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We Are Changing Second Home Ownership For The Better

FORT COLLINS, CO, Dec. 13 – Lifestyle Asset Group (LAG), a leading luxury real estate investment company, is providing “collective asset ownership” as an affordable and debt-free way to own multi-million-dollar properties. Investors can enjoy partial ownership of properties without the common pitfalls of traditional fractional ownership, resulting in sound investments with the potential for stronger returns.

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NYT: Luxury Homes Are a Safe Investment

Have wavering markets caused you to consider investing in the luxury real estate market this year? You’re not the only one, according to Kerry Hannon of The New York Times. “Many high net worth investors are plunking cash in a second or third high end residence as a safety net, stemming from concern about a wide range of

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Forbes: Regular Travel Is Really Good for You

It’s something most people instinctively know: Travel is fun. Now comes the news, however, that travel is extraordinarily beneficial. Taking time to get away from “normal” life is good for body and soul. However, planning for those family vacations can be a hassle. Short, getaway trips to relax and rejuvenate often lose out to long weekends of “doing nothing”

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Fractional Real Estate: Vacation Ownership Your Way

Fractional real estate was born out of necessity as developers who were building luxury vacation homes at some of the country’s largest ski destinations were running out of slope-side space to build. With most of the existing homes sitting vacant for most of the year, the concept of shared ownership became an almost obvious choice.

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7 Reasons: Our Model Beats Clubs Like Inspirato

Investing in a vacation home through fractional ownership should be just that…a sound investment first. Yes, the locations and properties matter. But if your top priority is smart investing, then Lifestyle Asset Group’s collective asset ownership of multiple properties is the most straightforward and risk-averse model. Since the concept debuted years ago, a number of...

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