Minimal investment, maximal rewards: The beauty of the ocean epitomizes life-changing returns.

Minimal Investment, Life-Changing Returns

This year is prime time to invest in a luxury vacation home, according to top luxury real estate experts. Here’s what they’re saying and three reasons why shared ownership is your best option for investing in a luxury second home.

Ellen Paris’s recent Forbes article, 2019 May Be The Time To Buy A Luxury Vacation Home, offers some fresh insight into the current luxury real estate market. In the popular resort markets of Colorado, Hawaii, The Hamptons and Florida, real estate activity is very strong in the 1st quarter of 2019, which is a great sign for the traditional spring/summer sales season. This is good news for those looking to invest in a second home.

Now is the time to buy in these markets, according to Forbes, and Lifestyle Asset Group (LAG) offers a smarter way to invest in a luxury second home. Lifestyle Asset Group’s shared ownership model offers a minimal investment opportunity that gives you life-changing returns.

How is this possible? Based on industry insights from the Forbes article, Lifestyle Asset Group’s shared ownership model has at least 3 key advantages:

  1. A luxury retreat without breaking the bank

Quote from Forbes: “We are seeing people pulling money out of the stock market and buying these properties…People are now so exhausted by today’s world, they are looking at vacation homes as total retreats to shut everything out.” –Stephanie Anton, President, Luxury Portfolio International, Chicago.

The LAG advantage: You won’t have to liquidate stock and take out millions of dollars from the stock market to buy a second home. Rather, you will take out only a fraction of the total purchase price. For example, why buy a $4.2m villa at the Four Seasons Anguilla that you may only use 6 weeks a year? With Lifestyle Asset Group’s shared ownership model, you can buy just 12.5% of the home, enjoy the exact same 6 weeks a year, and invest just $573,000.

  1. Exceptional service with no hassle

Quote from Forbes:  If you’re a luxury buyer and you think you may want some income from your property when you’re not using it, listen to Andrew McConnell, CEO at, one of the country’s top players in the short-term rental market. “When you are renting a luxury property, the guest expectation is very high. You always must stay on top of maintenance.”

The LAG advantage:  The benefits of Lifestyle Asset Group’s shared ownership model over investing solo are many. But one key advantage is that LAG takes all the headaches and hassles out of owning a luxury home. You never have to stay on top of maintenance when you live 1,000 miles away. We take care of all that, and you just pay for the time that you use.

Mike and Susan Gorney, who recently purchased a share of a stunning home along scenic 30-A in WaterColor, FL, explain why they chose to invest with Lifestyle Asset Group.

“As frequent renters along 30-A, we felt like this was a great way to get into the ownership of a luxury property without the hassles. Purchasing a well-located luxury home debt-free was appealing to us, as is sharing ownership expenses with our co-investors,” they said.

  1. A luxury vacation home and a smart investment

Quote from Forbes:  “People tend to buy on the Cape for the lifestyle and not necessarily as an investment.” –Paul Grover, co-founder, Robert Paul Properties

The LAG advantage:  Regardless of where you want to buy a second home, Lifestyle Asset Group gives you the best of both worlds–an investment opportunity as well as a lifestyle purchase. We like to describe our core buyer as someone who is “half Warren Buffet and half Jimmy Buffett.” The Warren side gives you an investment in a luxury vacation home with zero debt for a predetermined 6 to 8 year term when the asset is sold. It’s a smart, Warren Buffet-like investment because you get back your capital plus your share in any appreciation that has occurred. You share the risk, and you share the reward with other like-minded partners.

The Jimmy side of your investment gives you the lifestyle of luxury accommodations in exquisite locations. The fun, relaxed, care-free travel lifestyle of a Jimmy Buffet song. Lifestyle Asset Group properties are typically multimillion-dollar homes with 4 to 6 bedrooms for a cost per night that nets out to be the same price as a 400-sq.-ft. luxury hotel room. Plus, you own the home, so you can store your belongings–golf clubs, tennis equipment, clothes, wine–at the property. It may seem trivial, but it’s not. It’s the luxury lifestyle. No more lugging your toys and toiletries with you every time you travel to your home.

For more details on how Lifestyle Asset Group’s shared ownership works, click here.

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