Luxury real estate opportunities beckon in San Miguel de Allende.

Become a Co-Owner of Luxury Real Estate in San Miguel de Allende

Celebrated for its Spanish Colonial architecture and provincial charm, the city of San Miguel de Allende has a reputation for its rich culture and tourist-friendly ambience. Home to a large population of expats, San Miguel de Allende’s art scene and history draw visitors from all over the world. As a popular tourist destination, the city has also attracted investors and developers who have launched a myriad of upscale properties. These luxury real estate residences and villas provide their owners with vast income potential. If you’re interested in expanding your portfolio to include co-ownership of luxury real estate, you should discover what San Miguel de Allende has to offer.

About San Miguel de Allende

Located in the Mexican state of Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende is home to roughly 140,000 people, but it attracts visitors from around the globe, including many weekenders from nearby Mexico City which is only 170 miles away. Originally a Chichimeca village, San Miguel de Allende was settled by the Spanish during the mid-1500s. Juan de San Miguel, for whom the city is named, built its first chapel there around the year 1541.

In time, more Spanish arrived and constructed the city’s Colonial architecture and the cobblestone streets it’s known for. Today, part of the city’s old section has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which helps to underscore San Miguel de Allende’s cultural heritage and worldwide acclaim.

Owing to the beauty of the city, many filmmakers have featured it as a backdrop and have done so since the 1940s. With its international art scene, the city not only attracts artists and art lovers, but also students and budding creatives. With its rich array of museums, galleries, theaters, restaurants, shops, and festivals, San Miguel de Allende affords visitors a myriad of things to see and do. With its luxury properties, it’s able to accommodate international travelers in opulent style with all the modern conveniences.

Attractions of San Miguel de Allende

A city of culture and landmarks, San Miguel de Allende offers something for all types of travelers. Whether they’re interested in sunshine and relaxation or art and history, vacationers routinely include the following attractions on their travel itineraries:

El Jardin

San Miguel de Allende’s lively center is its main square: El Jardin. Like other Colonial-era Mexican cities, El Jardin is a central plaza that serves as a social center and site of community celebrations such as holidays and festivals. Beautifully landscaped with formal gardens, El Jardin is a postcard-worthy setting with its tree lined avenues and wrought iron benches. The plaza is generally filled with vendors and mariachi as well as locals and visitors alike.

Parish of San Miguel Arcangel

Not only is the Parish of San Miguel Arcangel, located near El Jardin, one of the most notable features of the city; it’s regarded as one of the most beautiful churches in all of Mexico. Completed in the late 17th century, the church boasts a neo-gothic facade with stunning floral motifs and friezes. Within the church, visitors will find breathtaking works of art such as the famed “Cristo de la Conquista.”

Escondido Place

While many world capitals have their spas, San Miguel de Allende boasts its own natural hot springs. Located just outside of the city, Escondido Place features natural indoor and outdoor natural thermal baths. There are also spas in the area that feature high-end skin and massage treatments. Many visitors to the city come exclusively for these wellness attractions.

Fabrica La Aurora

Located just north of the city, Fabrica La Aurora operated as a textile mill for roughly a century. Today, it has been transformed into a gallery of shops, art galleries, and cafes that illustrate the city’s vibrant art and social scene. Many artists can also be found giving live demonstrations. No visit to the city would be complete without a stop here.

El Charco de Ingenio

El Charco de Ingenio is a captivating botanical garden that is situated on 170 acres. While many tourists come to San Miguel de Allende for its rich culture and historical charm, its natural setting is yet another of its attractions as evidenced by this garden and its native plantings. Unlike many of the city’s older attractions, the garden was only established in 1990. Its newness lends a fresh element to the city and has become a popular site for picnickers and nature lovers.

Canada de la Virgen

San Miguel de Allende’s history extends hundreds of years prior to the Spanish founding of the city. While not much is known about the area’s original occupants, who likely settled there by 540 AD, there are amazing archaeological finds like Canada de la Virgen that attract scholars from all over the planet. Canada de la Virgen has only recently been excavated. The public has only been able to access it for about 10 years. The pyramidal structure underscores the city’s pre-Colonial past along with the mysteries of the people who once made the region their home.

Food and Wine

Although San Miguel de Allende is celebrated for its art scene, foodies flock to this Latin American jewel for its culinary offerings. Even though the city isn’t particularly large, its food scene is incredibly diverse, ranging between traditional regional Mexican fare and international flavors brought to town by its community of expats. The city is filled with high-end restaurants, charming cafes, bakeries, rooftop eateries, and cocktail bars.

During your food tour, you’ll find everything from al pastor and mole to Peruvian roasted duck and American cheeseburgers. Tacos are everywhere–even the upscale establishments feature their signature taco versions. As for spirits, agave liquors are featured in popular local cocktails, and some of the city’s best loved wines hail from local vineyards like the 400-year-old San Miguel Vineyard.

Explore the Surrounding Landscape

After experiencing the cultural attractions of the city, venture out into the mountains on horseback to explore the surrounding areas. There are popular tours that you can take via horseback to check out favorite natural attractions like Coyote Canyon. There are several companies that feature horseback tours in San Miguel de Allende’s beautiful countryside.

The City Center

One of the best ways to soak up San Miguel de Allende’s charm is simply to explore the 24 blocks of its renowned city center. Its cobblestone lanes, quaint courtyards, and historic architecture (often colorfully painted) provide a perfect backdrop for a memorable vacation. If you’d prefer not to walk, there’s a trolley you can take to view the most popular city sites. Some guided trolley tours are offered in English and last about 90 minutes.

Invest in Luxury Real Estate San Miguel Allende

San Miguel de Allende remains a popular international vacation destination. The steady stream of tourism from within and outside of the country makes the city an attractive investment prospect. One real estate property that has generated excitement among investors is Quimera Private Residence Club, a luxury villa located in a golf course development. With its resort-like atmosphere and wealth of accommodations, the property is not only a safe investment, but it’s a world-class place to spend your vacations.

About Quimera Private Residence Club

Operated by the Lifestyle Asset Group, Quimera Private Residence Club is a prestigious villa in the San Miguel Mountains. Its location within a golf course development make it a must-stay designation for golf lovers as well as tourists who visit to explore the city. The villa boasts four spacious bedrooms as well as a fully modern kitchen, 5.5 bathrooms, private swimming pool, spectacular city views, patio, and more than 5,000 square feet. The villa’s interior is richly furnished and designed with comfort and relaxation in mind.

The Benefits of Villa Co-Ownership

Quimera Private Residence Club co-owners have  numerous benefits to look forward to with their investment. When in residence, for example, owners can golf for free and their guests can golf at discounted rates. Co-owners each enjoy five weeks of confirmed reservations complemented by concierge service for a no-hassle travel experience.

Co-owners also enjoy all the amenities found at the golf club, including its community pool, fitness center, dry cleaning services, game room, access to private chef service, room service, and more. The prestigious golf club and property is renowned for its beauty and luxury atmosphere.

Take time to investigate Lifestyle Asset Group’s property ownership model. The group is currently inviting investors to consider the Quimera Private Residence Club for co-ownership. Lifestyle Asset Group features transparent information about co-ownership fees as well as its investment strategy. Investors have an opportunity to profit from their investment while enjoying the perks of being a co-owner of a luxury villa in a popular tourist town. To learn more about investing as a co-owner in this property, contact Lifestyle Asset Group.

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