A detailed review of top real estate syndication companies.

A Review of Real Estate Syndication Companies

Did you know that, on average, a domestic one-week vacation costs 1,573 dollars? Vacations can be expensive, but what if you could reduce your cost and get money back through real estate investment?

Real estate investing is a great strategy for building wealth. But, it can be hard to find real estate deals that are high quality and have a good return on investment.

Real estate syndication companies act as a matchmaker between investors and high-quality deals. Typically, investors invest in a property and share the returns. These deals offer the potential for high returns while diversifying your investments.

Are you interested in saving money on your vacations and investing in real estate at the same time? Keep reading to learn more about real estate syndication groups.

What Is Real Estate Syndication?

Real estate syndication companies connect people who want to make money from real estate with investments. The companies offer a way for individuals to invest in real estate without the high costs of individual transactions.

Investors can also diversify their investments by investing in multiple properties. By funding property, the investors become partners.

Each partner can further sell their share to other investors, who will then become partners in the deal. The original investors receive a return on their investment.

Real estate syndication companies are also known as real estate crowdfunding companies. Crowdfunding is a method of raising funds by collecting small amounts of money from a large number of people. Crowdfunding has become a very popular way of fundraising because it makes it easier for people to collect money from a large number of people.

How Do Real Estate Syndication Companies Work?

Real estate syndication can be a profitable way to make money from real estate. However, it is not suitable for everyone as it requires significant money, and you must be able to handle some risks.

Syndication companies first find real estate deals. The deals could be single-family houses or larger deals like apartment buildings. The company finds the deals and prepares to sell the investments to the investors.

The company then lists the investment opportunity on the Internet or in local newspapers. The listing will provide information about the property and the terms of the deal.

There are usually several people involved in the deal. The first group is the investors, who could be individual investors or groups of investors.

The investors contribute money to purchase the property. The other groups are the lender and the real estate company.

The lender provides the money to buy the property. The real estate company will manage the property.

Real Estate Syndication Investment Opportunities

There are many investment opportunities available with real estate syndication. The investments can be single-family houses, apartments, or office buildings.

The properties could be located in any city or in suburbs. Some of the potential investments include:

Apartment Complex Real Estate Syndication Companies

Apartment buildings are good investments because the apartments can be rented out to tenants for a long time. This provides investors with a secure investment.

Apartment buildings are usually located in urban areas. Investors can use apartment buildings to live in or rent out to tenants.

Single-Family Real Estate Syndication Companies

Single-family houses are a popular investment choice. The houses can be remodeled and resold for higher prices.

Fix and flip houses are often a popular model of single-family real estate investments. Single-family houses could be in rural or urban areas.

The most popular single-family investments are located in urban areas.

Office Building Real Estate Syndication Companies

Office buildings are investments that provide a steady income to investors. They are usually located in urban areas and provide investors with a secure investment.

Office buildings are a popular investment, as they are low-risk with low-maintenance costs.

Multi-Family Real Estate Syndication Companies

Multi-family real estate investments are properties like duplexes and other small buildings that can house multiple families. These are popular investments because they can be rented out to multiple tenants.

They're also typically easier to sell than large apartment complexes, which makes this a popular investment as well. These investments are often located in the suburbs.

Multi-family real estate companies are popular investment choices. This is because they provide investors with an excellent return on their investment.

Vacation Home Real Estate Syndication Companies

A vacation home is a popular type of real estate investment, as it is often used by the owner. The vacation home may be a single-family, multi-family, or commercial building.

Investors often use vacation homes as a second residence or for rental purposes. Vacation home real estate investments are popular because they can provide a steady income to investors.

Real Estate Syndication Company Reviews

Real estate investment companies are a popular choice for investors. These companies allow investors to crowdfund and invest in real estate. Here's a look at the top real estate syndication companies.


CrowdStreet is one of the most popular real estate syndication companies in decades. The company offers a variety of options for investors.

This includes private debt and private equity investments, as well as crowdfunding for real estate. CrowdStreet has an excellent platform, making it one of the best real estate syndication companies to date.

Realty Mogul

Realty Mogul is a real estate syndication company that offers investment properties in many locations. Some of these include the U.S. and Canada.

This company also gives investors various options, including:

  • Private debt and equity investments
  • Multifamily properties
  • Single-family residences


Fundrise is another top real estate syndication company. With this company, investors can invest in real estate, including:

  • Apartment complexes
  • Single-family homes
  • Commercial real estate

Fundrise offers multiple types of investments and has an excellent platform for investors.


EquityMultiple is a real estate syndication company that is known for its high returns on investment. The company offers multifamily and single-family real estate investments.

This company is popular for its flexible offers. Deals are only available to accredited investors through EquityMultiple.


RealCrowd is a real estate syndication company that provides investment opportunities for investors and their families. The company focuses on single-family homes, often with a rental component included. RealCrowd also offers provides financing for the properties.

Real Estate Syndication Through Lifestyle Asset Group

Lifestyle Asset Group offers vacation home real estate syndication opportunities. It's important to note that a vacation home real estate syndication is different than a timeshare or fractional offering.

With this model, five to ten investors go in on a vacation home. You own the home with the other investors' debt free, and your annual costs only consist of your share of the ownership costs like property taxes, maintenance, and utilities.

These types of investments have an eight-year exit strategy. At the end of eight years, the home is sold, and you get your original investment back plus your share of any appreciation.

You work with a reservation specialist to reserve your time, and through Lifestyle Asset Group you can also book time at sister LLC properties in other locations.

Benefits of Vacation Home Real Estate Syndication

There are several benefits to being a part of a vacation home real estate syndication. Investors can learn from people who have previously invested by reading reviews and information posted on blogs and forums.

Easy Exit Strategies

One of the benefits of vacation home real estate syndication is the easy exit strategy. At the end of eight years, investors can sell the property and get their initial investment back.

Potential for High Returns

Another benefit of vacation home real estate syndication is the potential for high returns. If the property sells for more than the original investment, the investors each get their share of that appreciation.

No Debt

The third benefit of vacation home real estate syndication is no debt. You own a home with your fellow investors, so there are no loans.

Various Locations

You can choose from a vast array of different locations for your vacation home real estate syndication. Properties are available in New York, St. John, USVI, Florida, Mexico, South Carolina, and more.

In addition, you have access to sister homes in other locations if you want to change where your next vacation takes place.

Choose Lifestyle Asset Group for Your Next Vacation Home

Real estate syndication companies give investors a variety of options. If you're interested in purchasing a second home as a vacation home, real estate syndication could be the perfect opportunity.

Are you ready to find a vacation home that fits the needs of your family? Lifestyle Asset Group is committed to making sure you have the best experience.

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