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Magicseaweed Cape Cod Surf Report: Why Cape Cod Is a Surfing Destination!

Almost 2 million people surf annually in the United States. As a sport, surfing takes both skill and bravery.

It takes a lot of time to be able to tangle with the ocean, which is why MagicSeaWeed Cape Cod is such a valuable resource! From rip currents to sharks to overestimating your own skills, there are lots of reasons to respect talented surfers. In fact, almost half of surfing injuries are caused by the athlete's own board.

People who are accomplished surfers have put in years to learn what to do (and what not to do!) However, the right conditions and environment are critical.

That's why surfers are so passionate about sharing the best spots. A fantastic break that's relatively isolated can't be overvalued in the surfing community.

That's why we've assembled a guide to Cape Cod surfing. If you've ever wondered why surfing in Cape Cod is such a magical experience, we've got you covered. Let's get started!

Surfing on Cape Cod

Many people associate great surfing with places like Hawaii or Australia. While it's true that most of the world's best surfers do come from Hawaii, don't count Cape Cod out. As an ideal surfer's paradise, Cape Cod is a great surfing destination at any time of year.

Massachusetts is more than just Martha's Vineyard and colonial history. If you're willing to don a wetsuit and get adventurous, you may experience one of the best surfing experiences of your life. With great surfing experiences year round, it's worth it to own a second home here.

Usually, the surf at Cape Cod is somewhere between knee- and waist-high. Under usual conditions, Cape Cod is a great place if you're still nervous about your surfing skills.

Of course, Cape Cod can be an adrenaline-generating experience. The Atlantic Ocean is known for world-class hurricanes and storms that generate terrifying surf conditions. If you've been surfing for decades, this type of risk-chasing activity might be exactly what you're looking for.

Cape Cod has over 40 miles of potential surfing opportunities. With an open beach and countless surf breaks, there are lots of opportunities to experiment out on the open water.

It's important to remember that the Atlantic Ocean never gets warm. Even in the dead heat of summer, you will still need a wetsuit.

Calculating Risks

Due to the shark population on Cape Cod, some surfers recommend wearing a white wetsuit with stripes. Traditional wetsuits are dark, which makes you look more like a seal to a shark cruising for a meal.

Of course, everyone has a different shark deterrent idea. Some people choose to forgo dark wetsuits. Others paint large eyes onto their surfboards to look intimidating. Others choose to wear devices that emit electrical pulses, which deters sharks.

No matter where you swim or surf on Cape Cod, don't do it alone. Don't swim at dawn or dusk, either. These are prime feeding times for sharks.

Avoid seals or schools of fish. There's no need to surf in a shark's snacking pool! You should also avoid murky water.

As always when you're in nature, stay aware of your surroundings. This can mean the difference between life or death when you're surfing.

Don't let the risk level of Cape Cod deter you. After all, the ocean is a shark's home. When you are visiting someone else's home, it's reasonable to expect they may be there.

Listen to your gut, be smart, and pay attention to expert advice. That's why resources like MagicSeaWeed are so important. You'll be able to gather all the data necessary for a smart decision.

Which Beaches Are the Best?

With 40 miles of open beach, there are plenty of choices available at Cape Cod. If you have some time, you may be able to hit a lot of local and tourist favorites on your way through Cape Cod.

There are lots of tiny surfing towns scattered along Cape Cod, and the East Coast in general. Some of these towns make better surfing destinations than others, depending on your skill level and priorities.

Coast Guard Beach in Eatham

This is one of the most popular beaches on Cape Cod. It's recognized as one of the best beaches in America and is also part of the Cape Cod National Seashore.

In the summer, Coast Guard Beach also has consistent shortboard and longboard swells. This makes it great for newbies and surfers of medium skill level.

If you're surfing in-season, it's usually safer. There will be lifeguards on duty, and you'll have more people around in case you find yourself in trouble.

At Coast Guard Beach, you'll also be able to access public restrooms and outdoor showers. If you prefer to pair your outdoor adventures with some of the comforts of home, this is perfect for you.

This beach is also wheelchair accessible. The parking fee is only $15 dollars per day in-season, which makes it a cheap option.

Nauset Beach in Orleans

Nauset Beach is a favorite amongst locals and tourists alike. Depending on the conditions, surfing can be great. It isn't consistent, though, which is why it's best to come up with a backup plan.

You can always swim, walk on the beach, or sunbathe. Don't go out in the water if conditions are unsafe!

If you obtain a beach pass from the Orleans Police Department, you can access 5 miles of beach, from Orleans to Chatham. If you have an all-wheel-drive vehicle, this is a great option.

Nauset Beach also comes with public restrooms, outdoor showers, and wheelchair access. This beach is catered to families and people who are looking for access to fun 'extras', like a picnic area.

This beach also comes with a huge parking lot. There is room for several hundred cars, which means you don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get a spot (if you don't want to!)

There's also a full-service concession stand at this beach. If you're looking for a surf spot with snacks, easy parking, and on-duty lifeguards, this is perfect.

White Crest Beach

Looking for great longboard waves? This is the place to be. While some people do call it White Crest Beach, others call it Four Mile Beach, or Surfer's Beach.

Needless to say, this is a favorite for longboarders. Some people say that it's the best spot in Cape Cod. The sandbars are perfect for consistent lefts. Whether you've been surfing for a few months or a few decades, White Crest Beach is a great place to set up shop.

Like the other beaches we've listed, this one comes with public restrooms, on-duty lifeguards in-season, wheelchair access, and public restrooms.

Cahoon Hollow

Do you want to surf or do you want to party? When you go to Cahoon Hallow, you don't have to decide between the two.

This is one of Cape Cod's party beaches. It's a favorite hangout for teenagers, college students, and young adults looking for a little summer fun. There's a popular restaurant and bar on top of the dunes, which are ninety feet tall and overlook the beach.

If you want to sip a cocktail and hang out with visiting rock or reggae bands after your strenuous surfing workout, Cahoon Hollow is the place to be.

Meadow Beach

The golden rule of Cape Cod is—the further up north you go, the more isolated spots will become. If you prefer to surf in solitude, this could be a great beach for you.

It's important to remember that solitude does not equal safety. It might be worth fighting the crowds and noisy children in order to have access to lifeguards and beach patrol.

However, if you're an experienced surfer that's going with a buddy, Meadow Beach might be great for you. This beach comes with the same disclaimer as any other spot along the Cape: the population of great white sharks is growing.

They patrol this shoreline, and they aren't going anywhere. Take the precautions described above in order to avoid a potential tragedy.

However, the sandbanks at Meadow Beach are truly something special. All the stars seem to align with the current and these sandbanks allow you to hit a sweet cruising groove once you hit your rhythm.

Long Nook

If a spot is a favorite amongst the locals, you know that it's good. This beach is perfectly positioned to take advantage of southwest offshore winds. Low-pressure swells from the east also hit Long Nook, too.

What does all this mean? When luck is on your side, the smoothest waves will break at Long Nook. Usually, this is when locals emerge to take advantage of it and get some good surfing in when they can.

MagicSeaWeed Cape Cod

When picking the best surf spots, it's important to educate yourself. No decision on a surfing destination is complete without all the data.

That's why MagicSeaWeed Cape Cod is such an important resource. We provide information on first light, last light, low tide, and high tide. We tell you the direction of the wind, where primary and secondary swells are coming for, and so much more.

If you are looking to make smart surfing decisions, we've got you covered—check out our surfing report today!

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