Falmouth's charm on display: A boat ride, a must for vacation home owners.

Top Things to Do in Falmouth MA: Vacation Home Owners' Guide

When considering exciting things to do in Falmouth MA, one is met with an abundance of activities and attractions that cater to a variety of interests. This picturesque town on Cape Cod boasts beautiful beaches, scenic nature preserves, historical landmarks, and charming shopping districts.

In this blog post, we will uncover the various activities and attractions that Falmouth MA has to offer, enabling you to create unforgettable memories with friends or family. From lounging on pristine sandy shores to embarking on invigorating bike rides along the coast; from delving into local history at iconic lighthouses to indulging in fresh seafood at quaint restaurants - there's something for everyone here.

Let us take you on a journey through the numerous activities that await your discovery in this picturesque seaside destination.

Beautiful Beaches of Falmouth

Scenic beaches with crystal clear waters in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

Falmouth, Massachusetts is home to numerous stunning beaches perfect for families and relaxation. With options such as Bristol Beach, Old Silver Beach, Chapoquoit Beach (known as "Chappy" by locals), and Falmouth Heights Beach, there's something for everyone while enjoying views of Buzzards Bay or Vineyard Sound.

Bristol Beach

This popular beach in East Falmouth offers soft sand, calm waters, and a spacious parking lot. It's an ideal spot to take pleasure in a day with family and friends under the Cape Cod sunshine by the Atlantic Ocean.

Old Silver Beach

Located in North Falmouth, Old Silver Beach is known for its warm Nantucket Sound waters and beautiful sunsets. The pristine white sands make it an ideal spot for building sandcastles or simply relaxing under an umbrella.

Chapoquoit ("Chappy") Beach

In West Falmouth lies Chapoquoit Beach which boasts picturesque views of Martha’s Vineyard and Elizabeth Islands. This peaceful retreat features salt marshes teeming with wildlife that visitors can explore via walking tours offered at the nearby visitor center.

Falmouth Heights Beach

A favorite among locals, this lively beach offers ample dining options and scenic views of Vineyard Sound. Falmouth Heights Beach is also a prime spot for watching the annual Fourth of July fireworks display, making it an unforgettable destination for creating lasting memories with loved ones.

At Falmouth's great beaches, visitors can partake in a range of activities such as swimming, sunbathing, and fishing. Nature lovers will be delighted with the numerous nature preserves and scenic walks that Falmouth has to offer.

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Nature Preserves and Scenic Walks

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with visits to The Knob, a 12-acre preserve in Woods Hole offering breathtaking views of Quissett Harbor and Buzzards Bay. Take a leisurely walk through the diverse terrain of The Knob, where you can observe birds and take in stunning views of Quissett Harbor and Buzzards Bay. The well-maintained trails lead you through salt marshes, cranberry bogs, and wooded areas before opening up to stunning scenic views.

Another must-visit location is the Cornelia Carey Sanctuary. This serene sanctuary offers visitors a chance to explore diverse habitats such as forests, wetlands, and coastal dunes while enjoying peaceful walking tours along its winding paths. Glimpse the native creatures like white-tailed deer and an assortment of feathered friends that inhabit this spot.

  • The Knob Preserve: Located at the end of Quissett Harbor Road in North Falmouth; parking lot available; visitor center open seasonally.
  • Cornelia Carey Sanctuary: Situated off Church Street in West Falmouth; limited roadside parking available; no facilities on site.

In addition to these two popular preserves, there are many other amazing things to do in Falmouth MA, waiting for you to discover. Whether it's exploring historic places like Spohr Gardens or taking a ferry ride over Nantucket Sound towards Martha's Vineyard - visiting Falmouth provides endless opportunities for memorable experiences amidst Cape Cod's natural beauty.

The Knob Preserve and Cornelia Carey Sanctuary offer visitors the opportunity to explore nature in all its beauty, creating an unforgettable experience. For those looking for a more active adventure, exploring Falmouth on two wheels is also possible with the Shining Sea Bikeway.

Exploring Falmouth on Two Wheels

If you're looking for a fun and active way to experience the beauty of Falmouth, MA, consider hopping on your bike and exploring the Shining Sea Bikeway. This 10.7-mile paved path offers scenic views of cranberry bogs, salt marshes, ponds, forests, cedar swamps, harbors, and beachfront as it winds its way from North Falmouth to Woods Hole.

Shining Sea Bikeway

The bikeway is named in honor of Katharine Lee Bates - a native of Falmouth who penned the famous song "America the Beautiful." The route follows an old railroad line that once connected Cape Cod with Boston. As you pedal along this picturesque trail, you'll pass through various landscapes such as Sippewissett Marsh and Buzzards Bay's coastline. There are several points where you can stop to enjoy panoramic views or take a break at one of the many benches placed along the route.

A popular spot for both locals and visitors alike is Wood Neck Beach located near mile marker 4 on your journey southward towards Woods Hole Village. Here lies an idyllic sandy beach perfect for sunbathing or taking a refreshing dip in Nantucket Sound after working up a sweat cycling.

In addition to providing recreational opportunities like biking or walking tours for all ages and abilities, Shining Sea also serves a practical purpose in connecting neighborhoods, schools, businesses, and other destinations within a town, making it not only an enjoyable but useful resource for residents and vacationers alike. So next time you find yourself visiting this beautiful coastal haven, don't forget to pack your helmet and explore this charming community on two wheels.

Exploring Falmouth on Two Wheels is a great way to experience the beauty of Cape Cod. The Shining Sea Bikeway offers an enjoyable and scenic ride for all levels of cyclists. Next, we will look at some historical attractions in Falmouth such as Nobska Point Lighthouse that can provide insight into the area's rich history.

Historical Attractions in Falmouth

St. Anthony's Lighthouse in Falmouth, Cornwall overlooking the sea.

Falmouth, MA is rich with historical attractions that provide a glimpse into the town's past. One such attraction is the Nobska Point Lighthouse, which stands majestically overlooking Martha's Vineyard from its perch atop a bluff at Woods Hole entrance. This iconic lighthouse has been guiding mariners since 1829 and offers stunning views of Buzzards Bay, Elizabeth Islands, and Nantucket Sound.

Visitors can take a guided tour of this historic site at select times throughout the year or simply enjoy its scenic beauty from afar. The grounds surrounding Nobska Point Lighthouse are open to the public for picnics and leisurely strolls along walking paths that offer breathtaking ocean vistas.

In addition to visiting Nobska Point Lighthouse, history buffs should also explore other notable sites in Falmouth like Highfield Hall & Gardens, an impeccably restored mansion-turned-museum surrounded by lush gardens. Here you'll find art exhibitions showcasing local artists as well as beautifully maintained grounds perfect for wandering on sunny afternoons.

  • Other historical places worth visiting include:
  • Falmouth Museums on the Green: A collection of historic buildings featuring exhibits about Falmouth's storied past.
  • Woods Hole Historical Museum: Learn about maritime history and scientific research conducted in this quaint village within Falmouth.
  • Take a ferry ride to the nearby Martha's Vineyard and explore its charming towns, historic sites, and great beaches.

With so many historical attractions in Falmouth, it's the perfect place for those looking to immerse themselves in Cape Cod's history while enjoying their luxury vacation home with Lifestyle Asset Group.

Falmouth is home to many historical attractions, such as the Nobska Point Lighthouse. From Nobska Point Lighthouse, there are a wealth of activities to enjoy in Falmouth that will keep everyone entertained for hours.

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Fun Things to Do in Falmouth MA: Top Spots in Town

While visiting Falmouth, make sure to explore the various attractions that cater to different interests. Nature lovers will enjoy a trip to the Woods Hole Science Aquarium, which houses more than 140 different species of marine life and features a touch tank where you can get up close and personal with starfish and other creatures.

Woods Hole Science Aquarium

The Woods Hole Science Aquarium is not only an educational experience but also offers fun for all ages. With its diverse collection of marine life, visitors can learn about the fascinating world beneath the ocean's surface while having an unforgettable time.

Highfield Hall & Gardens

Culture enthusiasts should not miss out on Highfield Hall & Gardens, a historic mansion turned museum surrounded by lush gardens. This picturesque site holds various artistic displays, musical events, and guided tours throughout the year, granting those who visit a chance to appreciate both artistry and history in one place.

College Light Opera Company

If you're visiting during the summer months, be sure to catch a performance by the College Light Opera Company. Known for their top-notch musical theater productions featuring talented young performers from across North America who come together each season as part of this prestigious program at Highfield Theatre in East Falmouth.

From the Woods Hole Science Aquarium to Highfield Hall & Gardens, Falmouth MA offers plenty of fun spots in town for visitors. For those looking for a more leisurely experience, Main Street is lined with boutique shops and restaurants offering up some delicious seafood options.

Main Street Shopping and Dining

Indulge in some retail therapy at boutique shops, home decor stores, bookstores, and gift shops on Falmouth's Main Street. This charming area offers a variety of shopping options that cater to different tastes and preferences. Browse the selection of specialty items, fashionable garments, and unique gifts to find something that suits your style.

  • Boutique Shops: Discover one-of-a-kind finds at local boutiques such as Buyway Boutique.
  • Restaurants and Seafood Shacks: Satisfy your taste buds with award-winning restaurants like The Quahog Republic Dive Bar or gourmet fine dining establishments such as The Glass Onion. Enjoy fresh seafood dishes while taking in picturesque views of the Atlantic coast.

Falmouth is also known for its diverse dining options that showcase the best of New England cuisine. Local restaurants offer everything from casual clam shacks to upscale eateries serving innovative dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. Don't miss out on popular spots like The Quahog Republic Dive Bar, famous for its "Monsta Lobsta" roll, or treat yourself to an unforgettable meal at the fine dining establishment The Glass Onion.

Whether you're exploring Falmouth during a Cape Cod vacation or settling into your new luxury home with Lifestyle Asset Group, Main Street offers the perfect place to shop and dine while creating unforgettable memories with friends and family.

Main Street Shopping and Dining offer a variety of unique boutique shops and delicious restaurants to explore, giving you the opportunity to create unforgettable memories with your friends or family. For more exciting attractions in Falmouth, MA check out the local events and attractions listed below.

Local Events and Attractions

Annual Tall Ships race at Falmouth Harbour.

Falmouth, MA offers a variety of local events and attractions that are perfect for creating unforgettable memories with friends or family. One such event is cheering on the Falmouth Commodores baseball team as they play at Guv Fuller Field. This popular summer pastime provides an exciting atmosphere while enjoying America's favorite sport.

If you're interested in exploring the flavors of Cape Cod, consider visiting the Cape Cod Winery for a wine-tasting session. Sample their delicious wines made from locally grown grapes while learning about the winemaking process in this beautiful setting.

  • Spohr Gardens: For nature lovers, a visit to Spohr Gardens, located in Falmouth's historic district, is a must-see attraction. Take a leisurely walk around the six acres of landscaped gardens at Spohr Gardens, showcasing daffodils, azaleas, and rhododendrons while taking in stunning views of Oyster Pond.
  • The Steamship Authority Ferry: Take advantage of Falmouth's convenient location by hopping on board the Steamship Authority Ferry. This ferry service connects mainland Massachusetts to Martha's Vineyard and offers scenic rides across Nantucket Sound - perfect for day trips or weekend getaways.

No matter your interests or hobbies, there are always fun things to do in Falmouth MA. Explore the popular beaches, such as Chapoquoit Beach and Silver Beach, or take a walking tour of the historic places in North Falmouth and West Falmouth. Visit the Ocean Science Discovery Center or the Elizabeth Islands for scenic views of Buzzards Bay. Don't forget to check out the local restaurants and dining options, including Coonamessett Farm, for a taste of the Atlantic coast's fresh seafood. And for art enthusiasts, Highfield Hall and Gardens offer art exhibitions and beautiful spots to explore. Falmouth, MA is the perfect place for a Cape Cod vacation.

Experience all that Falmouth, MA has to offer during your stay at Lifestyle Asset Group's luxury vacation home co-ownership properties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are fun things to do in Falmouth MA?

Start your day with a walk along the Shining Sea Bikeway, then visit the historic Nobska Point Lighthouse. Enjoy lunch at an award-winning restaurant on Main Street, followed by shopping at boutique shops. In the afternoon, relax on one of Falmouth's beautiful beaches like Old Silver Beach, or explore Highfield Hall & Gardens. End your day with a Cape Cod Winery wine-tasting session.

What is Falmouth, MA Known For?

Falmouth is known for its picturesque coastline featuring stunning beaches such as Bristol and Chapoquoit Beach, scenic nature preserves like The Knob Preserve and Cornelia Carey Sanctuary, historic attractions including Nobska Point Lighthouse and Highfield Hall & Gardens, family-friendly activities such as Woods Hole Science Aquarium and College Light Opera Company performances, vibrant Main Street shopping, and dining experiences.

Is Falmouth, MA Worth Visiting?

Absolutely. With its beautiful beaches, scenic walking trails, rich history, family-friendly activities, a charming downtown area filled with shops and restaurants - there's something for everyone to enjoy in Falmouth. It makes an ideal destination for vacationers seeking relaxation or adventure while creating unforgettable memories with friends or family.

What is the Beach Controversy in Falmouth, MA?

The beach controversy in Falmouth revolves around access to some private residential beaches that are restricted to residents only. This has led to debates over public access rights versus private property rights. However, there are still plenty of beautiful public beaches in Falmouth, such as Bristol Beach and Old Silver Beach, that visitors can enjoy without any restrictions.


With its abundance of beaches, breathtaking views, and renowned sites, Falmouth MA is an ideal spot to buy a vacation home with plenty of activities for all ages.

Whether you want to visit Spohr Gardens, there are plenty of things to do in Falmouth MA. You can also enjoy local events like Falmouth Commodores Baseball Games or Cape Cod Winery Wine Tasting Sessions with your friends and family.

If you're visiting Falmouth, be sure to check out the Falmouth Country Club, which offers a challenging 27-hole course. You can also take a ferry ride to Martha's Vineyard or the Elizabeth Islands for a day trip. The Island Queen Ferry is a popular option for visitors.

For those interested in science, the Ocean Science Discovery Center is a must-visit. It offers interactive exhibits and educational programs for all ages. You can also explore the salt marshes and cranberry bogs in the area.

When it comes to dining options, Falmouth has a variety of local restaurants that offer delicious seafood and other cuisine. Some popular beaches in the area include Chapoquoit Beach, Silver Beach, and Wood Neck Beach. Coonamessett Farm is another great spot to visit, offering scenic views and farm-to-table dining.

If you're interested in art, be sure to visit Gardens Highfield Hall which offers art exhibitions and walking tours. Oyster Pond is another beautiful spot to visit, offering views of Nantucket Sound.

Whether you're planning a Cape Cod vacation or looking to buy a luxury vacation home, Falmouth MA is a great place to visit. Contact Lifestyle Asset Group today to learn more about our shared ownership model and how you can enjoy hassle-free ownership of a beautiful vacation home in Falmouth MA.

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