Collective Asset Ownership Model

Vacation Homes Versus Rentals - Which will you choose?

Looking for the ultimate escape? Discover the secrets of vacation homes versus rentals and why vacation homes leave rentals in the dust. Find out more!

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Lake Tahoe Homes for Sale: Co-Ownership Benefits & Tips

Explore co-ownership benefits and tips for Lake Tahoe homes for sale, providing luxurious vacation properties with shared costs and lasting memories.

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What are Lifestyle Assets?

Incorporating lifestyle assets into your family can provide many benefits including the ability to travel freely and youll create lasting memories that last a lifetime. These investments may include vacation homes, rental properties, yachts or recreational vehicles - all of which have potential for both present enjoyment as well as future value.

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The Benefits of Owning Real Estate in an LLC

Learning about LLCs, and how to own real estate in an LLC, means discovering their advantages as well. This guide will show you why it could be the right move.

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The 6 key differences between Timeshares and Fractional Ownership

if you’re evaluating either of these options when looking to spend quality vacation time with your loved ones, the following comparison of timeshares versus fractional ownership may assist in your decision:

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Lifestyle Asset Group vs. Pacaso: Exploring the Differences and Similarities

If you would like a fair comparison between the co-ownership models of Pacaso Homes and Lifestyle Asset Group, read on...

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We Are Changing Second Home Ownership For The Better

FORT COLLINS, CO, Dec. 13 – Lifestyle Asset Group (LAG), a leading luxury real estate investment company, is providing “collective asset ownership” as an affordable and debt-free way to own multi-million-dollar properties. Investors can enjoy partial ownership of properties without the common pitfalls of traditional fractional ownership, resulting in sound investments with the potential for stronger returns.

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