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A Review of Seabrook Island

Did you know that over 150 volunteers on Seabrook Island spend their time protecting turtles? It just goes to show how much effort goes into keeping this beautiful island in pristine condition! That's just one reason so many people love to take an island vacation here.

There are two different islands with a resort and a beach club, but many people don't know which one is best. There are lots of things going for each one, so it's important to get as much information as possible before deciding on a vacation destination. Kiawah Island and Seabrook Island are neighbors but offer very different experiences.

If you're looking for details on Seabrook Island, read on. We've put together this article to help you learn all about what Seabrook Island and the Beach Club have to offer.

The Island

Seabrook Island itself is filled with wonders, so you're practically guaranteed a great time. Located just under 50 miles from Charleston. But with its beautiful views and abundance of wildlife, it feels like an isolated spot, far from the pressures of urban life.


Seabrook Island boasts a strong community, mostly made up of families and senior citizens. The crime rate is extremely low, so you can enjoy peace of mind whether you're relaxing at your vacation home or traveling around the island.

There are also lots of great small businesses spread around the island, including cafes and restaurants. So, if you want to get away from it all for a spot of shopping or a bite to eat, there are plenty of opportunities to do so.


Take a walk along the coast and you'll see a whole menagerie of amazing native creatures. The entire island is designated as an Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, so Seabrook is the perfect place for wildlife lovers.

There are more than 80 bird species living on the island, including endangered bald eagles and a variety of seabirds like egrets, herons, and osprey. On land, there are all kinds of creatures including foxes, deer, and even chameleons!

But it's when you look out to sea that you can feast your eyes on some truly mind-blowing sights. The pristine waters around the island are home to dolphins, turtles, and other rare sea creatures. Many people enjoy bringing binoculars and a packed lunch and spending the day seeing how many animals they can spot.

Kiawah Island Golf Resort

Kiawah Island is ten miles of wide, immaculate, oceanfront beach that invites you to stroll or cycle for hours without interruption. Kiawah is next to Seabrook Island and offers more of a short-term, family vacation with all the resort amenities.

Soothing by day, romantic by night, the beach is complemented by the island’s river, meandering lagoons, pristine marshlands and maritime forests. Each sun-washed day ends beneath a star-studded southern sky. Kiawah Island Golf Resort is a destination like no other. Guests enjoy world-class accommodations, amenities and recreational facilities so you can fully experience the resort lifestyle.

Seabrook Island Beach Club

For active types, the Seabrook Island Beach Club is the place to be. Its excellent sporting facilities, including tennis courts and championship golf courses, offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy the best of the island while having fun and keeping fit. Offering a wide range of activities and a calendar packed full of fun and varied activities, there's always something going on to keep members entertained.

There's a fitness center, bar and lounge, beach access, and plenty of other great amenities.

Membership in Seabrook Island Club is mandatory for those wishing to purchase property on the island. This keeps the local economy strong and ensures all residents, permanent and temporary, have access to superb recreational and sporting facilities.

Seabrook Island Club Membership Levels

Although anyone wishing to move to the island must become a member of the Seabrook Island Club, there are a variety of different membership options, offering a range of different benefits and prices. All membership packages come with 10% off dining fees, waived amenity fees, and unlimited use of dining, pools, shops, and fitness center

Unimproved Lot Membership

This is the most basic membership level available. It allows 12 rounds of golf and 25 days of tennis at discounted rates.

Community Membership

The next level up is community membership. It allows members 25 rounds of golf and 25 days of tennis and pickleball at discounted rates.

Social Membership

Social membership begins offering lots of extra benefits. You'll get 25 rounds of golf per year at cart fee only, free range balls, unlimited free tennis and pickleball, and even one day's trail ride per year with up to four guests.

Full Membership

Full membership is the most expensive package available. As well as all the bonuses from the lower tiers, full members also get access to unlimited free tennis and discounted golf for immediate family, free lockers, handicap service, golf ball identification tags, and more.

Get a Permanent Base On The Seabrook Island!

Paying a visit to Seabrook Island is a lot of fun. But the best way to enjoy vacations year after year is to own a vacation home on the island. Not only does it allow you to visit whenever you like, but it also means you can benefit from a home away from home, a sanctuary where you and your family can escape the pressures of daily life.

You can still visit the resorts for a day trip, or to enjoy a meal or activity. But at the end of the day, you get to return to your own property and wind down in private. It's a best of both worlds situation that can offer you the best levels of comfort, and give you endless adventures and memories with your family and friends.

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