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We Are Changing Second Home Ownership For The Better

FORT COLLINS, CO, Dec. 13 - Lifestyle Asset Group (LAG), a leading luxury real estate investment company, is providing “collective asset ownership” as an affordable and debt-free way to own multi-million-dollar properties. Investors can enjoy partial ownership of properties without the common pitfalls of traditional fractional ownership, resulting in sound investments with the potential for stronger returns. A Perfect Stay at Lifestyle Asset Group's Timbers Kauai Resort Property

Lifestyle Asset Group has revolutionized the concept of luxury vacation-home ownership through a proven “collective asset ownership” model in which investors own properties through shared LLC’s. This model is built on sensible and sound investment principles, allowing people to “invest with the confidence of Warren Buffett” while their family and friends enjoy the benefits and pleasures of owning luxury vacation homes in coveted destinations with zero-hassles. Here are 5 primary ways LAG’s property ownership is superior to other real estate investment models:

  • LLC ownership structure: A small select group of investors enter into a limited real estate partnership. With combined capital contributions, the LLC purchases the property in cash, which provides debt-free ownership to all its shareholders.
  • True purchase cost and secured capital: Properties are purchased at current market value, not marked up like traditional fractional ownership models. Each shareholder’s capital contribution is 100% secured by the property that is owned free-and-clear by the LLC.
  • Investor control and transparency: LLC shareholders hold all voting rights and provide performance feedback to LAG’s management team to continually improve ownership experiences. Shareholders receive quarterly operations reviews and annual financial statements so they know how and where their annual fees are being allocated.
  • Defined exit strategy: Each property has a 6 to 8-year investment period, after which LAG offers the property to be purchased by the LLC shareholders. If none buy the property, it is then sold by local brokers at the highest possible value.
  • Return of capital and potential gains: Upon sale of the property, each shareholder receives back their capital contribution plus a proportionate share of 85% of any appreciation the property has gained, while LAG is compensated with the other 15%. If for any reason the property value has receded, LAG’s 15% fee is waived.

Lifestyle Asset Group offers properties across the U.S. and internationally where investors have enjoyed the simplicity and convenience of the collective asset ownership model.

“…This was a great way to get into the ownership of a luxury property without the hassles. Purchasing a well-located luxury home debt-free was appealing to us, as is sharing ownership expenses with our co-investors.”

- Mike and Susan G., LLC shareholders

“I have looked at many joint ownership alternatives and this is the first one that gave me security, a guaranteed exit plan based on market conditions allowing for potential profit, low cost of ownership because of shared ownership in the single asset LLC and the ability to purchase as much time as I wanted.”

-Tom D., LLC shareholder

More information on the benefits of collective asset ownership and how to become an LLC shareholder is available on the Lifestyle Asset Group website.

Please contact or 1-800-318-6966 for more information.

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