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The Architectural Charm of a Cape Cod-Style House

Cape Cod's gone global! The Cape Cod-style house was America's most popular style of home in 1675. More than 300 years later, it remains extremely popular throughout the world.

If you're interested in owning a beautiful home, you should look into Cape Cod-style homes. However, you shouldn't rush your quest for a new home. You should understand what exactly Cape Cod homes are like.

What is the Cape Cod house style, and what are some home-style options you can look at? How can you design the interior and exterior? How can you find a premium home?

Answer these questions and you can move into your Cape Cod home in less time than you think. Here is your comprehensive guide.

The Essentials of the Cape Cod House Style

Cape Cod architecture is about simplicity and symmetry. The original Cape Cod homes were one-room properties with wood frames and clapboard exteriors.

As time has gone on, Cape Cod homes have gotten bigger. However, the same principles apply to the homes built today.

In general, a Cape Cod home is one floor. The shape is a basic rectangle, though the exact proportions vary from home to home.

A central chimney runs through the middle of the property with links to several rooms. The front door is in the center of the house, making it easy to access all rooms.

Roofs have a steep pitch, allowing snow and debris to slide away from Cape Cod houses. The ceilings are low.

Windows have shutters, making them easy to secure during the winter. Some windows have boxes where you can plant flowers or hang decorations.

Homes are commonly made with oak and pine wood. You can find both of these woods in the posts, beams, and flooring. Fireplaces are made with bricks while the roof shingles are cedar or clapboard.

The traditional Cape Cod home is white with black shutters. But modern homes have many different color combinations.

Benefits of the Style

The Cape Cod home style falls under the umbrella of American Colonial architecture styles. Many people mistake other American Colonial homes for Cape Cod homes or assume that they are all alike. In reality, Cape Cod homes have several benefits over other American Colonial properties.

Cape Cod houses are built to withstand harsh wind storms and snow storms. If you are living in Cape Cod during the winter, you should find a Cape Cod-style home so you are comfortable.

The central chimney may provide enough heat that you do not have to run a central heating system. But you can add an HVAC system to your home, and the small size can make temperature control easier.

Many people find Cape Cod homes beautiful, quaint, and quintessentially American. This contributes to the popularity of Cape Cod homes, and you will be able to find renters or buyers if you want to sell your home due to its charm.

Variations of Cape Cod Homes

Though the Cape Cod-style home is one of the simplest home styles on the market, you can find variations of the style. Before you buy or rent a Cape Cod-style home, you should look at the variations.

One-Half Cape Cod Homes

A one-half Cape home is also called a "single Cape" or a "half Cape." It is an extremely small home, sometimes being only one room big.

Most half Capes have the front door off to the left with two glass windows to the right. The home may have a half-story second floor that may be one room big. Many people use this floor as a storage space or guest area.

Half Capes are otherwise similar to full Capes. Real estate agents consider half Capes to be starter homes.

They can be good choices if you're new to owning a house and don't want to spend too much time cleaning it. However, they are not a good option if you have children and need a lot of space.

Three-Quarter Cape Cod Homes

A three-quarter Cape home is bigger than a half Cape but smaller than a full Cape. The door is usually toward the center of the house with one window on one side and two on the other. Most three-quarter Capes have multiple rooms, though some have an open floor plan.

Three-quarter homes are good if you need a moderate amount of space. Couples and small families can live comfortably in three-quarter homes. They may be more affordable than larger properties, though homes in popular areas can still be expensive.

Revival Capes

The Revival Cape emerged during the mid-20th century. Home designers took the original elements of the Cape Cod home and modernized them.

Revival Capes have a complete second story with finished rooms. The chimney is off to one side, which means that the floor plan is not centered around the chimney. Some homes have an open floor plan while others are more enclosed.

Homes have a wide variety of materials besides wood and clapboard. Some homes use aluminum and vinyl, especially on their roofs. Other homes have masonry or brick.

Interior Design

The interiors of most Cape Cod homes resemble the exteriors. The style is very simplistic, with some rooms containing various shades of one color.

White is the most common color in modern homes. White can seem a little bland, but it can make your rooms feel brighter and larger. Some older homes have white walls, though others use colors reminiscent of the environment outside like brown.

Shiplap is a wall style with long horizontal planks. Many Cape Cod homeowners paint their walls white, with the gaps between the planks forming visible lines. This adds texture and symmetry to your walls and calls attention to the materials you are using.

The floor plan centers around the fireplace. You should keep space around your fireplace free so you can distribute warm air and create a natural gathering area.

The tallest windows in your home should face south, allowing natural sunlight to come in. You can keep the shutters on these windows, but don't install curtains so you can illuminate your home properly.

Exterior Design

The traditional Cape Cod exterior is plain. If you enjoy a simple exterior, you can keep it the way it is.

Some homeowners like to add white picket fences to their homes, creating an all-American aesthetic. If you don't like picket fences, you can plant shrubs along the edges of your property to give yourself privacy.

Gardens are not common on Cape Cod properties. But you can tend to a garden if you want your home to stand out from other house styles in the area.

How to Find a Cape Cod-Style House

As you might imagine, Cape Cod-style homes are very popular in Cape Cod in Massachusetts. You can find properties in all towns on the Cape, including popular spots like North Falmouth. But you can find homes throughout the United States, including in many parts of New England.

You can google "Cape Cod style homes for sale near me" to find some options. Try to find a home seller that has experience with Cape Cod home-style options. Keep in mind that not all homes on Cape Cod are Cape Cod-style homes.

Never buy a home without getting a tour of it. Some Cape Cod homes are old, and you may need to make repairs in order to have a comfortable life.

Prices for Cape Cod homes vary depending on the size of the home, the location, and the amenities. If the price would be too high, you can buy a share in the property via our co-ownership model.. You can also rent your home to vacationers and earn money when you are not living at the property.

The Essentials of the Cape Cod Home

A Cape Cod-style house has a simple design with a central chimney, sloped roof, and symmetrical windows. This makes the home easy to maintain and quaint. If you want less space, you can select a single Cape or a three-quarter Cape.

The interior and exterior designs are fairly straightforward, though you can design your home however you like. Cape Cod homes are popular, so start looking at options as soon as possible.

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