Resilient investments: Stability showcased amidst unpredictable times.

Stable Assets In Unstable Times

As the stock market tumbles and fears of the Coronavirus are on the rise looking at stable real estate assets in these unstable times makes good sense.

With increasing stock market volatility and the panic selling that is impacting portfolios from Wall Street to Main Street, one of the best ways to invest in real estate right now is through a Lifestyle Asset Group partnership .

Look around and over decades real estate has proven to be one of the most stable assets you can buy.

While the effects of the Coronavirus on each sector vary significantly, real estate continues to offer solid relative returns compared to other asset classes, with shared residential units being the most resilient, and that a potential increase in capital into real estate can be expected over the medium-to-long-term.

“Real estate investment has fluctuated during previous crises, but the overarching trend over time has been an increase in allocations to the sector and we see no reason for this to change.”

—Global Real Estate Implications of COVID-19 (JLL, March 2020)

Here’s another reason to look at what a Lifestyle Asset Group luxury second home partnership offers.

If you don’t want to get in an airplane and fly across an ocean or the country today, consider that some of our best childhood memories are from family road trips.  

Now is the right time to create those magical memories with your own family.

Lifestyle Asset Group’s portfolio of luxury vacation homes located in drive-to destinations offers that chance and much more including a sensible investment in a vacation home.

From Cape Cod to Watercolor, Floridayou can find a luxury vacation home that you and your family can easily get to and enjoy without the worry of what the opening of the stock market will bring.  

Please contact us at 800-318-6966 or email about our drive-to vacation home partnership offerings and we can fill you in on the details.

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