Sunset delights in Siesta Key: Explore activities with a beach view.

Things to Do in Siesta Key Florida

Imagine white sand, warm, salty breeze, and clear, blue water as far as the eye can see. From your relaxing spot on the sand, you watch dolphins swim and listen as the waves lap at the shore. This tropical paradise is your oasis from busy, everyday life.

This is the Siesta Key experience.

A barrier island nestled off the coast of Florida, Siesta Key boasts beautiful beaches and a plethora of fun, family activities. Both quiet enough for an escape and close enough to major cities for bustling nightlife, there is no shortage of things to do in Siesta Key.

Follow along as we guide you through the different experiences and activities that make this breathtaking island a wonderful place to visit and live. Let's get started!

Things to Do in Siesta Key

If you're a beach bum, Siesta Key has you covered. If you're a foodie who prefers shopping, this is the place for you too. Couples and families alike will enjoy everything this island has to offer.


There are multiple beaches you can enjoy during your time in Siesta Key. Siesta Beach, Crescent Beach, and Turtle Beach each provide different adventures for beach goers.

Siesta Beach

Siesta Beach welcomes visitors with white, quartz sands and clear, warm waters. Stretching almost eight miles, its shores provide plenty of space for sunning, reading, building sandcastles, and much more. This beach is ranked second in the United States and fourteenth in the world!

Crescent Beach

Named for its crescent moon shape, Crescent Beach is, like its Siesta sister beach, white sands with a more private feel. This beach has only two public access points making it slightly less populated.

Crescent Beach is a wonderful family beach as it has shallow swimming for little ones. It's also a prime walking beach if you like to search for shells.

Turtle Beach

While turtle beach doesn't have the same powdery sand as the beaches mentioned above, it does, however, offer something the other beaches don't. Yearly, from May to October, Turtle Beach becomes the nesting place for over two hundred female turtles!

There are precautions to be taken to protect the turtles and their nests, but turtles can still be viewed by beachgoers. It's an incredible sight and a great learning experience for children.

Water Activities

For those who like to explore the ocean, there is a wide array of activities that each of these beaches offers. Here are a few Siesta Key attractions that you shouldn't miss!

Snorkeling at Point of Rocks

Grab your snorkeling gear and head south on Crescent Beach until you reach Point of Rocks. Named for its limestone rocks, this section of sea and shore is home to colorful coral and varieties of sea life.

If you have older children, this can be a fun family activity, as the waters are shallow enough for less experienced snorkelers. The gulf waters stay calm enough that you don't have to worry about being swept away.

This can be an inexpensive activity that reaps great rewards in stunning visuals. Fish, crabs, shells, and more can be seen from a distance of around five feet away!

Jet Skiing

Get out on the water under your own control by renting a jet ski and exploring the open waters. This is a great way to go where you want and see what you want to see!

There are rentals that offer guided jet ski tours if you'd rather have someone else show you around. Either way, the Siesta Key scenery is sure to not disappoint.


Take to the skies with parasailing to get a spectacular bird's-eye view of the stunning Sarasota area. Feel the wind in your hair and get your blood pumping with this exciting activity!

Kids as young as five can enjoy this experience with you. It's one they won't soon forget.


If you like staying active while vacationing, you have to try kayaking. Siesta Key is not short on kayak rental places.

Take your time kayaking through the mangroves. With water so clear, you'll see underwater grass, fish, and crabs. Relax as you pass under tree branch archways leading you through your own personal tunnel.

Take a Dolphin Cruise

While there are plenty of boat tours available, the dolphin boat tour leads you out of the marina and directly to where the dolphins and manatees swim. Some of these Siesta Key boat tours include yummy treats for their customers. Enjoy a donut while you watch the dolphins play.

Siesta Key Village

There are plenty of outdoor Siesta Key activities that don't involve the beach. If shopping and dining are more your style, Siesta Key Village is the place to visit. Head up to the northwest side to explore this popular stop.

You can grab a quick lunch or plan a romantic dinner at one of the many cafes and restaurants this side of town has to offer. Don't forget to finish up by stopping by one of the quaint dessert shops to satisfy your sweet tooth.

You won't get bored shopping in the village. Shop after shop holds unique gifts, art, wine, and jewelry. This is the perfect place to pick up a memento of your trip or bring back something special for your loved one.

From well-priced boutiques to more high-end specialty stores, there is something for everyone. Visitors love that everything is within easy walking distance.

If you don't love walking around, that's okay! A wonderful bonus of this Siesta Key Village is the public transportation. Hop on the adorable free trolly anytime between ten and six to get across the island.

Looking for a place to enjoy a glass of wine after dark? The village stays open well into the night, making it a prime spot for those seeking live music and cocktails. Siesta Key restaurants and bars are the perfect accommodation.

Gardens and Aquariums

It's easy to overlook gardens and museums as vacation recreations, but that would be a mistake! Siesta Key has amazing gardens, aquariums, and museums that all ages will enjoy.


The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens are home to forty-five acres of sanctuary. Rich with plants and flowers that are native to the region, you'll need to set aside at least two hours for a relaxing stroll throughout the property.

There are a few historic houses you'll want to see as well, such as the White Cottage and Sunken Garden and Mary's Chapel. Take pictures as you pass through the bamboo and fern gardens, and surprise your children with the butterfly garden.

Visit the Sarasota Jungle Gardens with your family to enjoy the different shows and petting zoo! The jungle garden has more than two hundred animals on ten acres of tropical terrain. Crocodiles, flamingos, and elephants are just a few of the amazing creatures you'll see.

Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium

Stop in at the Mote Marine Lab and Aquarium to see sharks, manatees, coral, jellyfish, and other sea creatures. This is an up-close and personal experience with multiple exhibits and experiences. They are passionate about educating adults and children alike on the conservation of marine life.

Siesta Key Living

If you're interested in living in Siesta Key, we've got some good information for you. You've learned it's a beautiful place, and now it's time to find out what it takes to live or own a vacation home in some Siesta Key neighborhoods.

With a population of only about six thousand, you are a part of a small circle of residents that enjoy all of the island's amenities. You will be pleased to know that Siesta Key has high-rated public schools, and the island has a crime rate sixty-five percent lower than the national average.

The weather there rarely dips below forty degrees in the winter months and doesn't usually exceed ninety degrees in the summer. It's a haven for those who want a retreat from lower temperatures.

For these reasons, Siesta Key is ranked one of the highest places to live in Florida and the United States.

Explore Siesta Key Today

Siesta Key should be on your list of places to visit, if not live! You can expect the tropical vacation you want without having to travel very far.

The list of attributes for this barrier island is many including top-rated beaches, all-age inclusive activities, and proximity to surrounding cities. There are things to do in Siesta key that everyone will enjoy!

Grab your sunscreen and take some time off to visit Siesta Key! If you are interested in Siesta Key waterfront homes for sale, we are here to help. Contact us today!

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