Cityscape confidence: The safety of luxury homes as investments, depicted in a bustling skyline.

NYT: Luxury Homes Are a Safe Investment

Have wavering markets caused you to consider investing in the luxury real estate market this year? You're not the only one, according to Kerry Hannon of The New York Times.

"Many high net worth investors are plunking cash in a second or third high end residence as a safety net, stemming from concern about a wide range of economic and political factors. These include the possibility of rising interest rates in the US, China's slowdown, low oil prices, conflicts in the Middle East and the reality that investments in equities have been lethargic and bonds have floundered in a bear market".

With uncertain economic times ahead, Lifestyle Asset Group's innovative twist on the fractional real estate market is worth looking into. Why not invest in tangible assets you can also travel to and enjoy?

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