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Top 3 Reasons Why 81% of Second Homeowners Dislike Owning Their Vacation Home

According to one study, 81% of high-net-worth (HNW) second and third homeowners hate or dislike their vacation home.

Their top three reasons include:

  1. Costly upkeep (38% of respondents)
  2. Time-consuming maintenance (29%)
  3. A feeling of obligation to use the property (64%)

In addition, if they were able to get the original market value, 64% of second-home owners responding to the survey would choose to sell their home.

Lifestyle Asset Group’s game-changing partnership model solves these problems; bringing second homes back to exactly what they are intended to be – a vacation!

Watch this one-minute video and learn more about how we remove the hassles of second home ownership:

“Our investors are interested in a high-quality second home for their families to enjoy but don’t want to deal with the cost and hassles of outright ownership. So the ability to own such a property with a handful of other like-minded owners is very appealing,” said Karla Jones, a co-founder and Sr. Partner at Lifestyle Asset Group. “And as the ‘sharing economy’ continues to take hold, people are becoming more interested in our partnership model.”

Some of the comments that we’ve heard from our investors are:

“I am still working so my time enjoying a vacation home is limited.  I do not want to rent my house because it always seems to show the wear and tear of renting and the cost of ownership without renting is prohibitive.  I have looked at many joint ownership alternatives and this is the first one that gave me security, a guaranteed exit plan based, low cost of ownership and the ability to purchase as much time as I wanted.”

Tom & Sally D, WaterColor – Investors

The difference between this investment vs a timeshare is you are an equity owner and will participate in the profits on a pro-rated basis when it’s resold in 8 years.”

Dave H, NYC – Investor

“We have loved being an investor for the past six years. I never worry about anything. Lifestyle Asset Group has managed it and always kept the property updated perfectly, making it a five-star experience.”

Kim E, USVI – investor

“My wife and I have a long history with Cape Cod. We’ve rented there for years since it wasn’t practical to own a home there while living in the Midwest. When I saw the opportunity Lifestyle Asset Group offered, we became very interested. I researched the unique structure, understood how well it worked, and became a partner.”

David D, Cape Cod- Investor

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