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Good living. Great investment.

PacificOne provides access to six vacation homes valued at $1M to $2M each. From Los Cabos, Mexico to Lake Tahoe, California, these lovely homes deliver the complete West Coast experience, from surf to slopes, from manicured fairways to remote beaches. As an owner, they’re all yours.

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IMG 6665 480x300 Los Cabos, Mexico Fractional Ownership

Los Cabos, Mexico

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71264363 480x300 Lake Tahoe, CA Fractional Ownership

Lake Tahoe, CA

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154066116 480x300 Maui, HI Fractional Ownership

Maui, HI

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SanDiego 480x300 San Diego, CA Fractional Ownership

San Diego, CA

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136319085 480x300 Palm Springs, CA Fractional Ownership

Palm Springs, CA

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100190641 480x300 Carmel, CA Fractional Ownership

Carmel, CA