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The Next Generation of Second Home Ownership

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"The house exceeded our expectations,
which were high to begin with!"
- Carolyn M.
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"Quite simply, there is nothing like this on the market today."

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"When you really compare what's out there,
the collective asset ownership model can't be beat"

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"I love each of the destinations. They are all close to home,
so I can spend less time traveling and more time with my family."

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"The homes are wonderful, the reservation process is
straightforward, and your equity is secure."

The Most Enlightened Second Home Ownership Model in the World.

AtlanticOne Front Page 480x205 AtlanticOne Fractional Ownership


Six beautiful homes on the Atlantic seaboard.

PacificOne Front Page 480x205 PacificOne Fractional Ownership


Six stunning homes along the Pacific coast.